[Review] U-Prince: The Handsome Cowboy

This would be the first drama I’m going to make a review. I recently encountered this series, U-Prince, while browsing for dramas online. From what I’ve read, this series consists of 12 arcs, with the lead male as the ambassador for the different faculties/school/departments of IUCA (International University of Central Asia). This drama hails from Thailand starring young actors and actresses – the only Thai actor I know is Mario Maurer (I’m so sorry guys. I’m just really living in a cave for years now).

This drama was aired during 2016.

Episode 1:

The episode started off introducing Sibtis as the ambassador from the Faculty of Agriculture. The words used to describe him were: play boy, bad boy, and charming cowboy. The episode opens with a U-Report of his date with DJ PK (I’m guessing this is like an activity of the U-Prince). Prikkang (going to call her PK for the duration since her name is too lengthy) was really annoyed with the presence of Sibtis, rolling her eyes and you can definitely feel that she hates what she was doing. Sibtis on the other hand was actually trying to annoy her more. I like their (Sibtis and PK’s) chemistry and also the hosts for U-Report are really great in doing their job to actually make something out of the situation during filming.

PK’s dreams of her pre-teen years with Sibtis in Wimarndin (owned by the family of Sibtis), where Sibtis gave PK the confetti filled umbrella and the flower crown.  That was so cliché but I think most really would like to have a fairytale-like idea of having fun in a beautiful place like Wimarndin. But didn’t you notice that’s like they were in their tweens? Does it mean kids these days do that? I’m so sorry. I’m an aunt to my cousins’ children and I have no idea how the dating pool goes now (not that I know how it was back then). Anyway…She heads for breakfast with her father in a table filled with gifts from her suitors. Her father has no idea his sweet innocent daughter is one of the hottest DJs in town – DJ PK.

I have to admit, I personally hate men who are cocky and overconfident. That’s why I hate Sibtis’ character, for now. We’ll know if this will change as the story will progress. I know one should like the male lead but being a playboy and really knows how to make women fall in love with him in just a few words just turns me off. Reiterating here – this is just the first episode so I really can’t say that my decision is already final.

Just like other young adults, PK doesn’t really prefer being called by her name and insists that they call her DJ PK. I don’t know how to translate her name – I probably should look for the meaning of her name – but it’s the same thing nowadays with teens preferring nicknames. It’s like “I am now a grown up so stop calling me by that. I want my name to sound more cool.” Everyone could related to that. I really like Chonly’s character (PK’s friend, U-Report MC). He’s the loud friend who always knows how to embarrass and disgrace his friends in a fun way. He is also not shy about speaking up what is in his mind. Damn right this is the most ideal friend. Such a funny character!

Back to the what’s really the point here… PK and Sibtis’ first encounter after roughly 10 years (I’m estimating here) of not seeing/having heard from one another is at the birthday of PK’s friend.  Being the player that he is, Sibtis initiates a bet with his friends that he’ll get PK’s number by the end of their conversation. I have noticed that the U-Prince ambassadors know one another or at least have made friends with some (eg. Sibtis and Hawk from Foxy Pilot – I haven’t watched that but I looked him up). I found it so weird that Sibtis wasn’t able to recognize PK at the club. What the heck man?! That girl was like attached to the hip with you during summer break at Wimarndin why you no recognize her? Did 10 years really made a difference? Because from what I’ve known based on real-life things, you recognize people even though it took them more than 10 years to see you. But I love how PK is such a lady boss and didn’t give in to Sibtis. Girl power! To be quite honest, I wanted PK to actually slap Sibtis then and there to teach that cocky guy a lesson.


I laughed really hard when hopeful Sibtis then got reprimanded by PK’s father through a message and a phone call. Who the heck does that? That means: 1. PK’s father is really cool (in my opinion since some wouldn’t actually bother to do that) and 2. that just ruined his player image right then and there. But then that didn’t stop him from pursuing PK – saw her at the U-Prince U-Report event and assumed that she was snooping around to see him. It’s a no brainer that PK  doesn’t like him but still assumed that. He might have not seen the face she did while mocking his admirers. I still can’t believe even got the nerve to say that! My blood is simmering already. Then that girl, Pitta, came along and damn right my blood boiled. You can tell right away that she’s going to have a snobby attitude. She’s also another lady boss that has a very high society vibe – if you know what I mean. Sibtis and Pitta are like the generic/ideal university couple right there, 100%. Just like how stereotypical a jock gets the cheerleader kind of thing. They do go well together and I’m not denying that. How could he even say that PK is a psycho? That’s so mean! He’s jumping to conclusions! I was going to say that why is he so bothered with PK making face but then I realized that it really is unacceptable so I’m going to let go. His acting as a player/bad boy really is impressive since he’s got my blood boiling already.

For a very large school he was able to track her down with ease and that’s really odd and creepy. There could be more than 100,000 student population and there he is confronting her in her faculty. He’s such a touchy/skinship kind of guy. He’s too relaxed to actually put his arm around PK when he barely knows her. It’s oddly satisfying how Chonly keeps on teasing PK being too affected with Sibtis. Hahaha. If she’s not affected, she could’ve let it slip and just shut up with her extra comments. But he’s her childhood crush. Or is he still her crush now that they’re in IUCA?

I can’t believe that PK agreed to be on a date with Sibtis for U-Report but deep down inside it’s like heck yes she’s on a pseudo-date with her long time crush how cool is that? Horseback riding wasn’t a bad choice and definitely the firing range wasn’t a bad choice (based on experience). I think these activities show how Sibtis can be a gentleman and a bad boy both at the same time. PK’s just too preoccupied about pushing Sibtis away hence not really enjoying it. Note on gun safety though: they should be wearing safety goggles bec the fumes really hurt your eyes and it might cause chemical conjuctivitis. That flower crown ceremony though!!! It gave me the chills and also Sibtis is really touchy and I get so irritated by it. Sibtis was able to get PK’s name when he got the reminded of  their memory of him putting a flower crown on young PK and by being such a snoop and looking inside her locket and finding the missing piece to his puzzle from 10 years ago. How could you not look for a missing puzzle piece frantically in the middle of a green pasture in a picnic mat? They could’ve stood to look for it and not just lift stuff. But then again what would be the thing that would help him remember her name if that didn’t happen? That’s the key to the past and the present. Maybe the future too? Why am I so affected by this? He’s so satisfied and she’s too happy that he finally recognized who she is. I’m guessing they have a crush on each other they were children but really didn’t tell and just went on with lovely picnics and those events at Wimarndin.

That pseudo-date from U-Report wasn’t enough for Sibtis and it’s scary how he tracked down she lives. I know he could’ve asked people, PK’s friends, but he’s actually inside in their garden trying to mend a faulty water hose. PK’s guard is always up so props to her for that and the flowers in her garden are so beautiful. Damn he’s really good in teasing PK. Hahahaha. But then they’re both soaked because the of that faulty pipe. WHY WAS HE THAT TOUCHY? He could’ve given her some personal space and solved the problem of that faulty pipe without wrapping his arms around her like he’s saying she’s his. I know I am so judgemental about that but a rational person would know that that’s not what to do in situations like that.

PK’s dad need not to reiterate and relive their childhood  in Wimarndin since we all know that they cherished their time together there. Does he even know he’s the guy who was hitting on his daughter? Maybe not but he could’ve noticed his voice from the phone call. PK’s so funny making all the puns hahaha. She’s so irritated she’d rather not be there. I can’t help but laugh how Sibtis is so full of himself. Maybe he knows that she likes him? That’s why he’s so motivated to actually tease her more? But that scene by the car! THEIR FACE IS SO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER AND THE LOOK IN HIS EYES!!! But didn’t he say that PK’s not his ideal girl from the U-Report? Is this reverse psychology? Give us answers! That only means one thing – watch this until the end! 🙂

Why does her dad have this sudden liking to have Sibtis with them for dinner? Isn’t it just normal to actually celebrate end of semesters with college friends? I’m not really an expert on this since I don’t really join class outings or parties since I live far from the university and most of the time the venue is far from where I live and my parents have to drive me around. PK’s still annoyed of having Sibtis around but shouldn’t she be happy? Or she likes having Sibtis around but not the Sibtis she’s faced with now – the player type Sibtis? But wait! Another cutie emerges as PK looks “tries” to look for Sibtis in the Faculty of Agriculture building – Key! He’s such a soft, delicate, man who is a little clumsy. I like his chemistry with PK though.  Soft smile, boy-next-door look. It’s good that he’s got a connection immediately with PK. Seems like a good character.

It’s a victory for PK not having dinner with Sibtis but they see each other at the end-of-semester party. I can’t help but squeal when Key caught PK when she lost her balance. EEEEEEPPP!! THAT EYE CONTACT!!  It irritates me how Sibtis really pushed PK to the edge. Why was he like that? He just provoked the monster in her and trashed herself during that party. Sibtis is such a party pooper. PK could’ve enjoyed the night with her friends and Key but Sibtis ruined it.

That scene when they finally got her to sit down was funny. She just narrated brief character descriptions. It’s sad that she has to be wasted but her true thoughts finally came true about Sibtis and how she’s annoyed that he forgot her. He keeps reiterating that she’s his little sister but could he be more honest with his feelings if he’s looking at her like that and tries to steal a kiss from her? Thank goodness PK throwing up saves the night.

Uh-oh! A twist! She’s getting reprimanded by her father because of going to a party. She’s going to be sent to Wimarndin Farm with Sibtis as her boss. How on earth will she be able to live? She’s with a very persistent guy who really is trying to get her attention and they’re going to be together for school break in the countryside. Is Sibtis still going to be a cocky player while he’s in Wimarndin or he’s going to be back to the old Sibtis?

So that was the first episode for Handsome Cowboy. I have lots of question to be answered by the end of the series. I think it’s too obvious hahaha.

I’m really not fond of a really straightforward cocky jerk type of male lead. I got through Boys Over Flower, Hana Yori Dango, and Meteor Garden fine with the male lead who are jerks (they’re all the same character just different versions) but Sibtis is definitely a different character built. I do hope that the reason why he’s like that be answered because I think he’s not born like that nor was he molded by his parents to be like that.

The PK is such a lady boss and I like that. It’s good that she stands up for herself and what she believes in. I am excited to see her character development in the series. How she will be the more that she’s associated with Sibtis and that she’s spending time with him in Wimarndin will they actually get along and stop bickering?

Another interesting character is Key. I know from the end of the drama there is this small Walls ice cream series and he’s asking if love at first sight is possible. Right off the bat, he’s going to be a member of the love triangle involving PK and Sibtis. I do hope that there will be more scenes with him.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode even though I got irritated how cocky Sibtis is but that just means one thing – he’s playing the character really well. I had lots of laughs so really looking forward to the next episode.

That would be all for now. I still have lots of studying to do. I do hope you would check this series out .



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